What If…

pathsThese days I have more questions than answers.  The control freak in me thinks it sucks gym socks, but my spirit knows otherwise.

What if we stopped waiting for the perfect moment to take action.  You know, when the stars align, we feel like it, or we lose that last 10 pounds?

What if we stopped living through our vision of worst case scenario and started living through the vision of best case scenario?

What if  we ceased fixating on our jiggly thighs/thinning hair/lack of formal education and embraced our strengths and goodness instead?

What if we halted fighting against what we don't want and started pursuing what we do want in our lives?

And, what if what we thought of ourselves outweighed what anyone else thought of us?  If making ourselves happy was more important than conforming to someone else's expectations of us?

What if?

I can't answer for you.  Maybe you're already rocking it out, trucking along, kicking major ass and entering names into your address book. 

Me, I'm not there.  Yet.  Not consistently.  I don't post as frequently as I'd like because the inspiration hits me on the weekends when I'm nice and relaxed and not tapped out by needy adolescents all day long (and I'm "supposed" to have a schedule and a strategy and blahblahblah).  I haven't launched my other education-related blog because I don't have the perfect logo.  I haven't added my services tab because who the hell would hire me anyway?

I see through those excuses.  I know what they are.  They are fears clothed in what passes as reason.

Stay safe.  Don't risk.  Be smart. 

But I have a choice.  You have a choice.  We all do.  We can keep believing our bullshit excuses, or we can ball up and move through them.  We can decide to eschew the false despair in favor of placing our bets on our talents and dreams.  Our lives, damn it!

What if you followed your dreams instead of your fears?  How would your world change?  Let's find out.  I will if you will.  Do one thing in support of you.  Now.  And once you've done it, share in the comments.

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